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简单的给大家介绍一下我们的 RM99 限量玫瑰金礼包🎁 一个价格就能体验四种我们家的明星产品

#限量版 #超漂亮 #玫瑰金礼包 #总价值RM252玫瑰金限量礼包价值RM252包含:
❥ V’Unique —— Forest日本蒸汽眼罩* 5片
❥ 日本美之惠养生美人足贴* 10片
❥ MissBelle日本祛角质足膜* 1对
❥ 薰衣草精油* 1罐
❥ 限量玫瑰金化妆包

❥ V’Unique —— Forest日本蒸汽眼罩* 5片

  • FOREST蒸汽眼罩能产生41℃的舒适热量并持续维持40分钟,温柔地呵护你的双眼。
  • 由热量产生的蒸汽能滋润并舒缓您疲惫的眼睛,促进血液循环,改善顽固的黑眼圈。
  • 使用我们的40分钟蒸汽眼罩,让你减压之余还能让你拥有明亮的双眼!
  • Comfortable heat (41℃) generated from Steam Eye Mask for 40 minutes gradually spreads to gently envelop your eyes.
  • Steam produced from the heat moistens and soothes tired eyes.
  • Enjoy the de-stressing session. Refresh yourself with brighter looking eyes!



❥ 日本美之惠养生美人足贴* 10片

产品描述 -主要功能

- 促进血液循环和新陈代谢。
- 激活细胞,改善重要器官的功能
- 缓解脚部疲劳
- 放松肌肉和肌腱,消除水分,补充重要的精华和强化肾脏
- 缓解肿胀和疼痛
- 促进睡眠品质
- 消除吸收系统中积聚的毒素,促进吸收系统的功能,增强免疫力

Product Description

Main functions

  • Promoting blood circulation & metabolism.
  • Activating cells, improving functions of vital organs
  • Relieving foot fatigue
  • Relaxing muscles & tendons and eliminating moisture, replenishing vital essence and strengthening kidney
  • Relieving swelling & pain
  • Promotion sleeping better
  • Dispelling toxins accumulated in absorbent system, promoting functions of absorbent system and strengthening the immunity





❥ 薰衣草精油* 1罐

  1. 脸部按摩:可以提亮肤色、收缩毛孔、提拉紧致、防止下垂、减少黑眼圈眼袋细纹。
  2. 眼罩香薰疗法:滴在眼罩贴近鼻子的开口处,戴在眼睛上,精油通过呼吸道进入身体达到身心治疗。(滴过眼罩的部位不要贴近眼部)
  3. 身体按摩:达到放松心情、纾解压力的功效。

Face Massage

Helps to brighten the skin, shrink pores, lifting and firming, reducing dark circle, eye bags and fine lines.

Eye mask aromatherapy

Drop on the opening of the eye mask close to the nose, wear on the eyes, essential oil enters the body through the respiratory tract to achieve physical and mental treatment. (Never put the eye mask area which have essential oil close to your eyes.)

Body Massage

Achieve relaxation and stress relief effect. 

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