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10 Boxes FOREST Japan Steam Eye Mask (Heating 40 minutes)

RM 700.00 RM 1,187.00

Promotion for 10 box (SAVE RM487): 

  • 10 boxes Forest Japan Steam Eye Mask 

        FREE 1 box 14pcs + 5 Bottles Essential Oil (Rose or Lavender)

         at price RM700 (Original Price RM1,187,SAVE RM487)

        购买10盒FOREST日本蒸汽眼罩 附送 1盒14片正装 + 5 罐精油(玫瑰/薰衣草),   优惠价RM700 (原价RM1,187,节省高达RM487)


  • FOREST 日本蒸汽眼罩能产生41℃的舒适热量并持续维持40分钟,温柔地呵护你的双眼。

  • 由热量产生的蒸汽能滋润并舒缓您疲惫的眼睛,促进血液循环,改善顽固的黑眼圈。

  • 使用我们的40分钟蒸汽眼罩,让你减压之余还能让你拥有明亮的双眼!

  • Comfortable heat (41℃) generated from Steam Eye Mask for 40 minutes gradually spreads to gently envelop your eyes.

  • Steam produced from the heat moistens and soothes tired eyes.

  • Enjoy the de-stressing session. Refresh yourself with brighter looking eyes!

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